Saturday, January 23, 2016

Praise Sign – Winter Can Really Hurt Your Business

Don't Let Your Business Sign Go Dark

We’ve talked before in previous blogs about the unreliability of fluorescent and neon signs and how they can easily dim and fail. When your business signage grows dark it doesn’t look professional. People might think that you’re either not open or you don’t really care about your business. Honestly, how often have you pulled into a restaurant parking lot wondering how their food tasted or how friendly their service was when part of their signage lettering was out? It isn’t fair, but perception is often reality. 

So, why are we bringing up this topic again? Winter. Simply put, Old Man Winter in many parts of the country can be the number one culprit of unlit fluorescent and neon signage. Winter brings icy, cold temperatures that weaken fluorescent and neon signs’ gases from performing well, such as Argon.  As the temperature plunges, so does the effectiveness of your gas-filled signs and perhaps, your customer traffic count. Granted, the colors in your signage may return once the weather warms, but how easily can you make up for the lost business during the winter season?

Additionally, the lights in your parking lot and your signage run more during the winter due to shorter daylight hours. Again, if your fluorescent and neon lighting grow dim your customers may have a difficult time navigating around your building. So how can you safeguard your customers and let everyone know that you’re open for business?

LED Lighting To The Rescue

If your fluorescent-lit or neon filled sign looks dim during the winter you might consider retrofitting it for LED illumination. LED signs and message boards won’t dim when it’s cold outside, plus they save energy and require less service saving you from dipping into your maintenance budget.

Praise Sign Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan can retrofit your outdated neon signage into bright, cost-effective LED’s. LED lighting’s benefits include: lower power consumption; longer lifespan; and a low heat output. Plus, LED has been widely accepted as the new type of environment friendly lamp for illuminating your business and attracting customers.

Using LED lighting can save you up to 90% in energy costs compared with traditional fluro / cold cathode lighting sources. It does not contain detrimental materials like mercury or phosphor and can be recycled ‘cleanly’. Praise Sign can convert your maintenance-heavy neon sign to bright, virtually maintenance-free LED’s. Praise Sign offers a whole line of steel brackets/cnc-routed rings and panels for converting traditional HID, Metal Halide, T-12 Fluorescent Lamps, Mercury Vapor, and Sodium Light Fixtures to LED Fixtures. If necessary, Praise Sign will also convert your brackets with custom made brackets. Additionally, Praise Sign can also retrofit pole signs (fluorescent lamps) and channel letters (neon).

So, as you await the warmer weather this year, think about how Old Man Winter is currently hurting your business.  By the way, he’ll be back again, and again, and again.

Why Praise Sign Company?

Praise Sign designs with purpose and manufactures with talent and skill.  They engineer with tenacity.  And they install with accuracy.  It’s how they work.  It’s how they’ve built their company.

A little about Praise Sign Company: 

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